Hello everyone,

This Mrs. Micklewhite COO of Micklewhitecorp letting you know about some of the most risky yet valuable and motivated passions about our business experience. Micklewhitecorp launched August 19th, 2019. Our mission is to make an insurmountable amount of wealth creating legacies and institutions for our children and future generation while helping others along the way. The decisions that have helped us in our business success are exemplified in all of our many incorportions and various LLCs. We hope to help educate anyone willing to improve their live quality through expression of financial freedom. We can testify the journey through it all was not all butterflies and roses. Just a little discipline went a long way once we were able to block out all distractions in our lives the mission was clear. You are everything that you want to be. Its time to take a stand on wanting to be happy, free, and abundant in success. That starts with making the right decisions now and putting your powers to work,creating a better destiny for your family, remembering and thanking ancestors for blessing us with such electromagnetic strength to make it happen. With that being said go to work my brothers and sisters.

All thanks to the most high,

Mrs. Micklewhite

COO of Micklewhitecorp

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