The time to invest is now.

We’ve been told many times over and over again that markets will soon crash. Like it did in the post like 2008 and 1991. Echos from our parents and grandparents have filled fears in the young investors mind. But it’s not just your family its gurus too that may get your focus to drift away from the main focus. INVEST, this one word, if it were used more in a poor house everyone will eventually become entrepreneurs. Because without freedom, investing would of been a privilege. And being taxed and paying high interest would be under privilege. Well it kind of is. A 3 digit number can determine your hell or heaven literally.

Your credit is much more important than the poor community put emphasis on at the dinner table but should from now on. (Visit for our credit package 39.99) Investing has now became more of a mainstream game than a actually way to generate money from trading the markets. IPOs and ICOs which are start company’s that being ready to be listing either on the stockmarket or blockchain market. These company needed investors and a lot of investment to scale there real operations of a company. Without those first investors believing in them they probably wouldn’t be where they are now.

You and I have these opportunities to become investors in the earlier stages on of company that we believe in. We even have an opportunity to get in companies that are already on the fortune 500 and making billionaires. You have to build the skills to learn how to invest or would just invest in what you believe in. Most traders started those ways. Statistics should that household that held stocks had significantly higher yearly tax returns than minorities who didnt. Nothing makes me happier than learning how to make some money. INVEST NOW.

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